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Dr. Ruhland’s goal at the Natural Health Medical Clinic is
to help you restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit.

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The Healing Times Newsletter
Click here for a PDF version of this newsletter: Newsletter #3 - the Oxidative Therapies issue - Spring/Summer 2010

Newsletter #3 - the Oxidative Therapies issue - Spring/Summer 2010

Dr. Ruhland’s goal at the Natural Health Medical Clinic is
to help you restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit.

John F. Ruhland, ND — Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine — 206-723-4891 - www.drruhland.com
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Oxidative Therapies

Oxidative Therapies are used for many different health challenges. Most well-known is their ability to stimulate the body’s immune system. Specifically, they seem to supercharge the white blood cells which are our primary defense against infection. In this day of antibiotic-resistant strains, “new” viruses, and other “superbugs,” these are low cost and effective solutions that could revolutionize healthcare.

Preferred oxidative therapies include high dose intravenous (IV) Vitamin C and high pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen. Lower dose Vitamin C IVs have an anti-oxidative effect, and low pressure HBOT stimulates the body’s own anti-oxidant production and therefore has an anti-oxidative effect.

Other oxidative therapies include the use of Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. Another, a favorite in the fight against viral infections, is IV use of small amounts of very dilute Hydrochloric Acid. We have articles that can be read on each topic in the office. Internet searches on these modalities can be productive, and we recommend you do some reading on the topic to learn more about the benefits of oxidative therapies.

Then schedule an appointment to determine if an oxidative therapy would be of assistance for your condition. Our current special offer is a 50% discount for one oxidative therapy session.

Chelation in conjunction with ozone is called Chezone. Please call the Clinic if you have any questions about using chelation as part of your health plan.

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Ozone treatment dramatically stimulates tissue healing. It works homeopathically, meaning that it causes inflammation which stimulates the body to produce a powerful anti-inflammatory reaction. It improves circulation to problem areas and allows the tissue repair process to become much more efficient.


“I had low energy and liver issues, and was just feeling weak. Once I began ozone, all those things subsided, I got more energy and felt stronger. And I also feel that having Dr. John treat you is part of the therapy, it’s a combination of both. I believe in it and I believe in his treatments.”
“I do ozone treatments rectally, vaginally and topically to my breast. As a “stage 4” cancer survivor, I’ve never had breast surgery, and the palpable mass on my breast has been softened by direct ozone application. Also, vaginal application of ozone reaches the lymph system and is another oxygenating treatment killing bacteria, fungus and viruses, which helps optimize my overall health.”
Note: We are a Naturopathic office in Washington State; treating cancer is outside of our scope of practice.
We can offer complementary care for patients under an oncologist’s care. Simply bring in a note from the
oncologist stating that they are providing ongoing care for cancer. Please also bring a note that you give
Dr. Ruhland permission to communicate with the oncologist by phone and email.


Prolozone utilizes a local anesthetic and Vitamin B12 in a base of dilute minerals. It is injected in conjunction with a small amount of ozone. Prolozone appears to stimulate the production of cartilage.


“My knee hurt so much that I limped when I walked, and needed to use a cane. After the first treatment, there was a lot of improvement. I walk on it all the time now. It took three treatments -- just like the doctor said.”
“I had chronic pain in my left knee for more than a year after a fall. X-rays and MRIs showed no fractures or foreign matter as the cause. Sitting for 20 minutes caused extreme stiffness, and I would often be awakened at night by sharp, deep pain radiating from knee to hip. The orthopedist offered no diagnosis or recommendation, other than pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Prolozone injection was uncomfortable, but Dr. John was very precise and gentle, and the discomfort didn’t last. I got immediate relief that lasted six days. After two more injections, the relief lasted longer. Now, I do not get the very sharp pain, the chronic ache is much less (sometimes unnoticeable), and inflammation has decreased. Stiffness is greatly reduced, and I can sit for longer periods without stiffness. I recommend this treatment; far better than constant medication!”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The photo on the left was taken two days after a severe burning. The one on the right was taken three weeks later, after 11 HBOT treatments.
The intense pain typical of such a burn resolved completely with the first HBOT treatment.


Chezone is a treatment in which chelation therapy is administered after an ozone treatment. There appears to be a synergistic effect, where the combination is more effective than the individual treatments.


“I have been suffering from secondary complications from two major auto accidents. I’ve searched the globe for the best treatment. Chezone and Prolozone are providing the greatest impact of any treatments tried in the past 11 years.”


We are now a shoeless clinic, and provide shoe covers for your use during your appointment. We encourage you to wear house shoes in your own home as well. We recently learned that house dust can typically contain up to 50% by weight of heavy metals. Feel free to bring your own house shoes or slippers to your appointment.

Please make an appointment with Dr. John before you make an appointment to get a root canal. An oxidative therapy may be helpful in saving teeth.

Natural thyroid hormone is once again available.


Pre-pay 40 treatments and pay only $95 per treatment. Includes HBOT, IVs, and most oxidative therapies.
A limited time offer.


One-half off of one oxidative therapy per patient. That’s a saving of up to $70. New patients must have a consultation prior to receiving any therapies.
A limited time offer. One offer per person. Cannot combine with other discounts.

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