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Homeopathy: An Energy Medicine
by John Ruhland, ND

Homeopathy is a comprehensive system of medicine I have studied intensively. It is based on the theory that “like cures like.” A large amount of a given substance that can cause disease symptoms can eliminate those same symptoms when given in minute doses.

To achieve these minute doses, homeopathic medicines employ substances that have been diluted many times. Typically one part of a substance is mixed with 99 parts of water or alcohol. One part of this dilution — called “1C” — is then mixed with another 99 parts of water and called “2C.” Thirty of these serial dilutions create an extract called 30C.

At every dilution, the bottle containing the mixture is briskly shaken by rapping it against a firm surface. After the dilution reaches 12C, the mathematical probability that the homeopathic medicine contains even 1 molecule of the original substance is nearly zero. Therefore because there are no molecules left in dilutions of 12C or more, it is said that only the energy of the substance remains.

While no molecules may be left, there is indeed a difference between the liquid homeopathic dilution and plain water or alcohol. That has been verified by a variety of methods, including observing the crystalline structure as the medicine is frozen. There are also the proven effects on living beings. Homeopathic remedies have been shown effective in numerous rigorous, double blind, placebo-controlled studies in animals and in humans.

An illness can be described as an energy imbalance within the body. Homeopathic medicines correct energy imbalances. Precise remedies are chosen for an individual person’s imbalance. Two people with slightly different symptoms would likely be prescribed different homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy is effective for treating recurring illnesses such as children’s ear infections. It is also useful for treating acute illnesses, such as pneumonia and other bacterial infections. The properly prescribed homeopathic remedy actually promotes the body’s ability to heal itself, and a constitutional remedy will improve one’s health through time. There is a balancing action, rather than the suppression of symptoms achieved by conventional drugs.

A few cases I have worked with will give an idea how widely applicable homeopathy is. One patient’s suicidal urges abated after being prescribed a series of homeopathic remedies. Another, a child with ADD was able to concentrate better, and therefore did better in school after homeopathic treatment. A patient with multiple sclerosis experienced a clearing of symptoms after treatment. I have seen various growths and masses shrink, sometimes very rapidly.

Following are two first aid situations. My patients generally have homeopathic first-aid kits at home, so they are able to treat simple emergencies by themselves or after a brief phone consultation.

Bee Stings

Within a brief time period, I treated two patients for bee stings shortly after they were stung. One had become very agitated and had developed tremendous local swelling of the arm; the other developed hives over the entire body. The second patient had experienced anaphylaxis following a previous bee sting. Several doses of a homeopathic remedy (Apis), and they were both back to normal.

Sprain/Strain Injuries

I treated a patient with a severely sprained ankle. Less than 20 minutes after treatment (Arnica and Ruta) the patient was able to walk normally. Broken bones heal much more quickly when the proper homeopathic remedy is used, often without need for casts. One 85-year-old woman with severe osteoporosis, who had broken her hip, was given only morphine by her conventional physicians, and told there was nothing else they could do for her. They “gave” her a few weeks to live. A succession of five homeopathic remedies caused the hip to heal properly without any other intervention. She lived into her 90s.

Please let us know if you would like more information on homeopathy, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a homeopathic consultation.

November 4, 2004

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