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Mammography May Be Harmful
by John Ruhland, ND

Many Naturopaths and even some conventional physicians are against the use of X-ray mammography as an annual screening test. Recent studies published in The Lancet demonstrate that breast cancer deaths have not decreased through the use of X-ray mammography. A Swedish study showed that nearly 30 percent more cases of breast cancer occurred in women who had been subjected to routine mammograms for ten years compared with those women never receiving mammograms.

In addition to the damaged caused by ionizing radiation from X-rays, some researchers are convinced that compressing breasts for mammography ruptures cysts and disseminates cancer cells into the bloodstream. Animal studies have proven this phenomenon, showing that tumor compression can increase the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body by up to 80 percent.

Mammography is not a very accurate test. In a German study, 54 percent of cases were correctly diagnosed by obtaining a clinical history and performing a breast examination. The number increased to 76 percent when mammography was added. When computerized regulation thermography was used, the accuracy of diagnosis rose to 92 percent.

Thermoregulation testing has been widely used by European physicians for over twenty years. One form employs an infrared camera. Hot spots showing up in breast tissue are areas of increased circulation. These invariably are trouble areas. A newer technology — Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) — was approved by the FDA for use as an annual screening test in 1999. Computerized Thermography can be performed annually with no risk to the patient. Trouble areas can be further investigated using ultrasound, MRI, or X-ray mammography. An additional benefit of CRT is that it tests the functional health of many other organs and body systems.

Although my clinic has one of the few Computerized Thermography units in the country, it is my hope that every physicianís office will have one within ten years.

Note: We are a Naturopathic office in Washington State; treating cancer is outside of our scope of practice.
We can offer complementary care for patients under an oncologistís care. Simply bring in a note from the
oncologist stating that they are providing ongoing care for cancer. Please also bring a note that you give
Dr. Ruhland permission to communicate with the oncologist by phone and email.

A version of this article was first published in the Washington Free Press, July 2001

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