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Protestor’s First-Aid
A Pocket-Guide and Seattle Hospital List

by John Ruhland, ND


Wash before with unscented Castille soap. Cover up with water repellent clothes and gear. Don’t wear contact lenses, make-up, moisturizers or vegetable/mineral oil-based cream. Don’t use Vaseline or mineral oil as skin barrier. Use gas mask, respirator, sealed (swim) goggles, and/or vinegar or lemon juice-soaked bandanna over mouth/nose.

General Treatment

Stay calm and focused. You are strong. The discomfort is only temporary and will not damage you. Don’t touch face or rub eyes. Get to fresh air, eyes open, arms out (if tear gas), breath slowly and deeply. Blow nose, spit out chemicals. Consider water to flush eyes and gargle. For the eyes, it is best to have water with 0.9 percent sodium chloride added. If using salt to make the solution, avoid iodized salt. Water or Witch Hazel soaked gauze or cotton balls on closed eyes are soothing. After treatment, wash off with cold water and replace contaminated clothes.

Wipes may be clean cloth, gauze, 4x4s, etc.

Water it is very helpful to have 2-5 drops per quart of Rescue Remedy added. Remedy can be purchased at natural food stores.

Call for “Medic!” if needed.

Tear Gas:
Effects last minutes-to-an-hour. Maybe rinse chemical off with water. Do not rub or powder can be pressed into skin.

Pepper Spray:
Effects last up to 2 hours. If still wet on skin, carefully sponge off. Don’t spread it around.

The Seattle Facial:
The Seattle Solution is used when pepper spray is still wet.
(One bottle with 10-15 percent vegetable oil or mineral oil, the rest water and 1-2 tbs. of liquid dish soap and a few drops of Rescue Remedy.)
One bottle of water - or - “baby-wipes.”
Wipe solution on skin.
Rinse off with water -or- wipe off with baby-wipes or moist paper towels in baggies.

The Protester Facial:
This is used when pepper spray is wet or dry.
Wipe mineral oil on skin.
Immediately wipe all off with rubbing alcohol.
(Vegetable oil is healthier than mineral oil, and vodka or other ethanol is healthier than isopropyl, so worth trying).
Mineral oil will trap chemicals, so remove all!

—— Hospitals ——

All hospitals must admit people with medical emergencies if they are capable of treating you. There is a risk of police lurking at hospitals to arrest injured protesters. Only Harborview is a public hospital.

Hospital Locations on Downtown Seattle Map: Please click here

Hospitals Locations: All are located in Downtown Seattle, (206) area code. From nearest to further away, they are:

Harborview Medical Center — a level-one trauma center (state facility)
325 Ninth Ave. (cross-street James), Seattle, WA 98104
206-731-3000 main number
206-731-3074 emergency
206-731-2500 community care line
Does not refuse anyone services. All services available 24 hours-including eyes and burns.
DSHS will pay for a cab round-trip for free for DSHS patients, and Harborview will give bus tokens if patient is broke.

Virginia Mason Hospital
925 Seneca (between Boren and Madison), Seattle, WA 98101
206-624-1144 main number
206-583-6433 emergency-consulting nurse also at this number
Does not refuse anyone services. All services available 24 hours-including eyes and burns.

Swedish Medical Center
747 Broadway (between Minor and Cherry), Seattle, WA 98124
206-386-6000 main number
206-386-2573 emergency
206-215-2100 consulting nurse
Does not refuse anyone services. All services available 24 hours-including eyes and burns (no psych patients).

Providence Seattle Medical Center
500 Seventeenth Ave. (cross-street Cherry), Seattle, WA 98124
206-320-2000 main number
206-320-2111 emergency
800-793-3474 consulting nurse
Does not refuse anyone services. All services available 24 hours-including eyes and burns-burns will be treated and transferred to Harborview if serious.

Your buddy’s phone #_______________________

Based on an article prepared by The A16 Medical Team
For more Seattle information, call the American Friends Service Committee: 206-632-0500, ext. 50

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